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The conference wants to challenge boundaries and to open up the dialog between ICT researchers/technicians, high level administrators and scholars to take advantage of their fields of expertise for the strategic development of innovative solutions for a higher education area in Europe.

The conference has three main focuses:

1. The role of ICT in challenging institutional boundaries
Papers should address ways of solving institutional obstacles in the creation of a European higher education area through the use of innovative ICT devices. Particular attentions should be devoted to the development of joint-double-multiple degrees and papers should explain the role of ICT in the process, providing best practices.

2. ICT innovation and eLearning models for high quality education
Papers should address innovative ways of fostering high quality education in online distance learning through the implementation not only of new technological devices, but also through new methods and new ways of using current devices.

3. The value added of the comparative approach (in urban studies)
Papers should address the value added of carrying out comparative research in general and within urban studies in particular. General papers should address the insights gained and how they can contribute to establish a European higher education area.

On these three issues we solicit abstracts to be presented at the conference addressing innovative practices of ongoing projects at national and international level able to highlight the value added of what works well.

The participation to the conference is free, but participants are invited to register online.

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Prof. Yuri Kazepov
Director of the E-Urbs Master and responsible of the project
Institute of Sociology
University of Urbino
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Dott. Giovanni Torrisi
Coordinator of the E-Urbs Master project

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Dott.ssa Simona Renga
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