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Paper presentation...

If you wish to present a paper, please consider the following requirements:

a. A conference paper consists of:

Title of the paper
Name(s) of speaker(s), their Institution, city and country. Contact information (e-mail)
Abstract of approximately 100 words, summarizing the presentation
Full text of the paper

b. Papers should reflect the session theme and should be in English.

c. Abstracts should be submitted for approval to:

d. Speakers of accepted abstracts/papers are required to send the full text or an extended outline of their presentation to the chairs of their session by November 8th, 2007.

e. Papers submitted within November 8th 2007 will be posted on the E-Urbs conference webpage. Papers submitted afterwards will not be posted online. Speakers are therefore required to bring their own copies.

f. Papers should not exceed 8000 words including references.

g. Powerpoint presentations or any other multimedia are welcome but you should specify your requirements in your registration form online.

h. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

i. Please avoid using unexplained acronyms, sets of initials, jargon and phrases which an international audience may not understand.

j. The participation to the conference is free of charge. Speakers (except invited speakers) are responsible for all the expenses involved in attending the conference. However, limited funds may be available to cover accommodation costs of a limited number of presenters.

The quality of the conference depends on the relevance and interest of the papers, together with the standard of presentation. Please help us make the E-Urbs Urbino Conference a remarkable event.



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To contact us
Prof. Yuri Kazepov
Director of the E-Urbs Master and responsible of the project
Institute of Sociology
University of Urbino
Via Saffi, 15
61029 — Urbino (Italy)

For information
Dott. Giovanni Torrisi
Coordinator of the E-Urbs Master project

For logistics information
Dott.ssa Simona Renga
Logistics support

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